Dental Identification System





Download Files


To Download the most current version of WinID3:

  • Print this page to use as a guide
  • Read and accept the End-User License Agreement 
  • Read and understand these directions
    before moving to the FTP

  • Turn-off your Fire-Wall. 

  • Most downloading problems are due to a fire-wall not
    allowing an executable program to be downloaded
  • Create a folder (directory) on your hard
    drive to receive the file to be downloaded. 
    A good choice for the folder is C:\hold
  • Move to the FTP by clicking on the link below


  • Download winid3 setup.exe by Double-Clicking on
    the winid3 setup.exe logo.  Save the file to the folder
    that was just created. (C:\hold)
  • Exit from your browser
  • Turn-on your Fire-Wall.

  • Winid3 setup.exe is a self-extracting zip program.
  • Write down the location where the unzipped files will be created.
  • Run winid3 setup.exe
  • A number of files will be created.  One of the files is setup.exe

  • Run setup.exe to install WinID on your computer.
  • New users are encouraged to accept the default settings.

  • WinID can be easily networked.  Place the database on the server. 
    Each individual computer runs its own instance of
    WinID and uses the database on the server.

  • Some individuals have reported problems attempting to run WinID3 on Windows98 platforms.  If you have problems with WinID3 on your Windows98 computer do the following:  Download the file winid98.exe.  This is a very long file of nearly 15 meg.  Run winid98.exe to self-extract many files.  One of the extracted files will be setup.exe.  Run setup.exe on the computer you had the problem with to install WinID3 and a different set of data access files.

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 James McGivney, DMD

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June 11, 2004