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WinID Codes

WinID codes are an extension of CAPMI codes. A primary codes and up to five secondary codes may be specified. A dash (-) is placed between the primary and secondary codes.

If you are unsure of a secondary code leave the code out.  Most searches in WinID utilize only the primary codes.

The dental portion of the data entry form should be filled out by a Board Certified Forensic Odontologist.  Please contact the American Board of Forensic Odontology at Telephone (719) 636-1100; FAX (719) 636-1993; Postal address P.O. Box 669, Colorado Springs, CO 80901-0669, for the name of a forensic odontologist in your area.

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Primary Codes

  • M - mesial surface of tooth is restored.
  • O - occlusal surface of posterior tooth is restored. 
  • D - distal surface of tooth is restored.
  • F - facial surface of tooth is restored.
  • L - lingual surface of tooth is restored.
  • I - incisal edge of anterior tooth is restored.
  • U - tooth is unerupted
  • V - non-restored tooth - virgin
  • X - tooth is missing- extracted
  • J - tooth is missing postmortem or the clinical crown of the tooth is not present for examination. Also used for avulsed tooth. The root or an open socket is present, but no other information is available.
  • / - no information about tooth is available.

Secondary Codes

  •  A - an anomaly is associated with this tooth. Specifics of the anomaly may be detailed in the comments section.
  •  B - tooth is deciduous
  •  C - crown 
  •  E - resin filling material.
  •  G - gold restoration.
  •  H - porcelain.
  •  N - non-precious filling or crown material. Includes stainless steel.
  •  P - pontic. Primary code must be X to indicate missing tooth.
  •  R - root canal filled.
  •  S - silver amalgam.
  •  T - denture tooth. Primary code must be X to indicate missing tooth.
  •  Z - temporary filling material. Also indicates gross caries (used sparingly).


  • MODFL-S mesial occlusal distal facial lingual silver amalgam restoration
  • DL tooth has distal lingual restoration
  • MODFL-CG gold crown
  • MODFL-CHR endodontically treated tooth with porcelain crown
  • MI-E mesial incisal resin
  • X tooth missing
  • V-B virgin deciduous tooth
  • MO-SB mesial occlusal silver amalgam in deciduous tooth
  • X-PN missing tooth replaced with non-precious pontic
  • X-T missing tooth replaced with denture tooth
  • J missing postmortem
  • MO-AZ mesial occlusal temporary filling (or caries) on tooth with an anomaly 


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